ABB launches new NINVA™ with SIL2 certification for safer and simpler temperature measurement across industries

Source: ABB

ABB has launched an enhanced version of its NINVA™ TSP341-N non-invasive temperature sensor, delivering safer and simpler temperature measurements for applications in the chemical, oil and gas industries. The new NINVA is the first SIL2-certified non-invasive temperature transmitter, making it the safest non-invasive temperature measurement sensor on the market.

With proven performance over the last few years, ABB’s non-invasive approach dramatically simplifies temperature measurement by providing an alternative to a traditional invasive thermowell.

Using the surface temperature of the piping to infer the process temperature, NINVA provides the same level of accuracy and performance of an invasive measurement device without the risks and lifecycle costs associated with specification, installation and maintenance.

Now SIL2-certified, NINVA TSP341-N is built on the proven TTH300 temperature transmitter and delivers a range of new features based on customer feedback. These include a unique remote mount configuration, improved resistance to vibration, optional configurations for applications up to 550°C (1022°F), and simpler calibration and maintenance through extractable measuring insets with independent sensor calibration and trimming. Clamp collars for pipe diameters of 40mm to 2500mm and special designs for diameters below 40mm also avoid the need for complex thermowell designs for smaller pipes without sacrificing accuracy or performance.

Source: ABB

“Customers are really driving the market for non-invasive process measurement,” said Dr Guruprasad Sosale, ABB Measurement & Analytics. “With an ever-growing need for sensing, global players in the chemical and oil and gas industries see the value of not having to stop the process or cut into piping to get more insights. By turning a piece of process piping into a temperature measurement point, NINVA provides a simpler and safer way for plant operators to measure process temperature without compromising on performance – no shutdown, no holes, with dramatically simplified engineering.”

With its clamp-on approach, the robust mounting of NINVA eliminates the risks, inspection and administrative costs of maintaining welded mounting connections. By removing the need to perforate the pipe wall, NINVA avoids potential leakage and reduces trouble points during plant commissioning. For even the simplest temperature measurement points in a plant, NINVA presents a more cost-effective measurement solution, with up to 75 percent reduction in capital expenditure, engineering, installation and commissioning costs.

Considering the proven performance, there is a customer-driven push to consider specifications for clamp-on temperature measurements in future industry standards.