JSP invests in new ARPRO® Capacity

As a consequence of very strong growth and projected further growth, JSP will invest in additional ARPRO® capacity.

ARPRO® continues to achieve both penetration and diversification.  Growth has taken place in long standing application areas in automotive, multi-use transport packaging and HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration), as well as new diverse applications in these sectors.  Growth has also occurred in new sectors and from new clients who have switched demand to ARPRO®.  The growth is also a product of JSP’s continuous innovation in the ARPRO® product, processing and application.

The remarkable and unique combination of properties of ARPRO®, together with the specific ability delivered by ARPRO® to reduce weight and thereby save fuel / energy, have underpinned the success.

Clients and OEMs have shown tremendous and much appreciated loyalty to ARPRO® and JSP (some already for 25 years in EMEA) which has underpinned growth. In addition, some have switched to ARPRO® and new clients also regularly join the ARPRO® / JSP family.

Clients tell that they choose ARPRO® due to the exemplary quality, consistency, service and support.  The speed of both product and service delivery is also often remarked on.

„We are humbled by and massively appreciative of the trust that clients and OEMs place in us.  We constantly seek to be worthy of that trust and to continue to serve.  The additional capacity, together with our constant developments, will enable us to support the growth of our direct clients and end-users”, said Paul Compton, CEO for JSP in EMEA.

The additional 10.5 kt/a of ARPRO® capacity will take ARPRO capacity in EMEA to 37.0 kt/a.  The additional capacity will be on-stream in 2018.

JSP is a truly global supplier, with multiple manufacturing sites to serve clients in the Americas, EMEA and Asia.   In the EMEA region, capacity is located in Cheb (Czech Republic) and Estrees-Saint-Denis (France). The additional capacity is to be located in Cheb.

As well as investing in new capacity, JSP continually invests in product, process and service improvements.

Source: ARPRO